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SIB Fixed Cost Reduction

A closer look at your self storage bills


A Better Bottom Line

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction can dramatically lower your monthly expenses no matter how many facilities you operate. You’ll see boosted profits without reduced headcounts or increased sales. It’s a tangible saving you’ll see in your bottom line.

Doing the Legwork For You

As a busy self-storage operator, you don’t always have the time or resources to hunt for savings. SIB Fixed Cost Reduction does the work for you, and they only charge a percentage for the savings they actually find. If they don’t find savings, there is no fee—and you can rest easy knowing your rates are as low as they can be.

Expertise You Can Count On

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction has analyzed over $2 billion in spending across more than 45,000 locations nationwide. This expertise across a variety of industries and audit categories allows them to effectively rectify billing errors and negotiate lower pricing for clients without changing vendors or service levels across a variety of spend categories, including telecom, utilities, waste removal, bank fees, maintenance contracts, and more.


SIB Fixed Cost Reduction has one goal: to save you money. They identify billing errors and negotiate your bills across dozens of recurring spend areas. SIB’s cross-industry, national experience allows them to leverage the best market rates for you because they know what your neighbors are paying.


Interested in fixed cost reduction?

  • Identify several areas where you’d like to reduce spending
  • Contact SIB Fixed Cost Reduction to start the process
  • Have last month’s bills ready to upload or scan

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