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10 Benefits of Upgrading to the nokeĀ® Smart Entry System

When a storage facility adapts automated access control, the main benefit is technology that has the power to open doors—literally. This creates a seamless experience for tenants, frees up managers so they can focus on customer service and increases profits. For self storage operators looking to introduce automation to their facilities, the noke® Smart Entry System from Janus International makes it possible to deliver easy-to-use access control solutions that exceed the expectations of even the most technology-obsessed customers.

 If you’re considering the noke® Smart Entry System, here are 10 reasons why you should go for it:

  1. It facilitates unassisted move-ins

What happens when a customer wants to rent a storage unit and your office is closed? With the noke® Smart Entry System, it’s no problem. The customer can complete the rental process on their mobile device, download the noke® Smart Entry System app and gain access to the facility and the unit.

  1. No more dealing with customers losing keys and forgetting gate codes

 “Is the gate code my birthday? Is it a random number?”

 Tenants won’t have to guess and neither will you. Because the noke® Smart Entry System allows customers to access the property and open their units with their phones, there’s no need for traditional keys, locks or other hardware and there’s no need for anyone to ever memorize a gate code again.

  1. Works on multiple points of entry

 This access control system doesn’t just work on storage unit doors; it works on elevators, gates and other entryways.

  1. Allows tenants to give temporary access to someone else

 Key sharing allows a tenant to send a temporary access code by text message, making it easy to grant a friend or family member permission to enter the storage unit from anywhere in the world.

  1. Allows you to charge higher rates

“The evolution of access control in the self storage industry was kind of stagnant for many years,” says Travis Morrow, president of both National Storage and Strat Property Management Self Storage Division. “I wanted to have an access solution that was a little more modern.”

 Morrow installed the noke® Smart Entry System at his award-winning branch of National Self Storage in Marana, Arizona and enjoyed a positive response from customers. The noke® Smart Entry System brought an added value to the facility which supports the belief that customers are willing to pay more for convenience and speed

  1. Even technophobes love it

Worried that your tenants will resist new technology? Storage facilities that have switched to the noke® Smart Entry System have been pleasantly surprised by how easily their tenants adapted. This is helped by the fact that Janus offers key fobs for customers who still use flip phones. 

“Being a technophobe and not very technical at all, it loaded very easily and better yet, when I hit the button, it worked,” says Leslie Gilpatrick, a tenant at National Self Storage, Dove Mountain.

  1. It saves managers time

 “The yellow lock is the last step in the move in process,” says Travis Morrow. “What happens at Sunday at 8 o’clock when a tenant wants to move into the facility and there is no management on-site to remove it?”

 The noke® Smart Entry System answers this question by automatically allowing the tenant to access their storage unit. Managers no longer have to remove overlocks, replace locks or perform walk-throughs to manually make sure units are locked correctly. 

  1. It’s cloud-based 

As a cloud-based access control system, the noke® Smart Entry System eliminates the need for multiple sets of keys for multiple properties. It allows managers to re-key via Bluetooth and overlock from off-site. This facilitates the automation of overlocking past due tenants, which is an essential feature for unmanned facilities. 

  1. It makes your storage facility safer

 This entry system features thermal monitoring that prevents fires and activity monitors that stop theft. According to Travis Morrow, this is a money-saver in addition to being a safety benefit.

 “At another facility that we’ve developed, we were able to save $66,000 by not installing a gate and fence around the property because of my comfort level with the security of accessing our facility granted by the Janus system,” he says.

  1. It speaks your language—and your customers’ too

 The noke® Smart Entry System’s app offers five languages to better communicate with customers. The system also offers live phone-in tech support for both tenants and operators.

For customers and managers, the combination of automation backed by customer service has been beneficial.

“Within 45 minutes we were in and out of the unit and the whole account was set up,” says Lee Jacobs, a tenant at National Self Storage Dove Mountain. “It’s been great.”


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