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Noke Smart Entry

Ease of access for self storage customers and managers

Seamless integration from rental to access

Gated access has long allowed customers to enter storage facilities with a click or code. Janus International’s access control takes technology one step further by making it possible for tenants to open their storage unit doors with an app that eliminates the need for traditional hardware.

Cloud-based management

This technology is also revolutionary from a management perspective. Access control includes the office door. There’s no need for a lock box or several sets of keys for multiple properties. All management operations including overlocking and auditing are easier with this system in place. Self-storage operators can even re-key a facility by bluetooth, saving time and money.

Security that insurance companies praise

Access control by Janus International is so effective that it has garnered approval from insurance companies. These agencies are willing to underwrite the costs favorably for storage facilities that use this technology, as it has demonstrated the ability to reduce theft and even prevent fires by monitoring thermal activity inside a storage unit.

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Janus International is an esteemed Storelocal partner. The acclaimed manufacturer of turnkey self-storage solutions offers a never before seen level of access control that creates a better, more efficient experience from a consumer and industry standpoint. This end-to-end touchpoint is truly the missing link in self-storage and can make your storage facility a safer, more automated business.

Ready to learn more about access control?

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