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XPS Solutions

Miss fewer calls, gain more tenants


Catching the Call

Sometimes you’re so busy with day-to-day operations and assisting tenants in person that it’s hard to get to the phone. In a competitive self-storage market, missing those calls can mean missing out on new business. Whether your facility has no staff or a full yet busy staff, XPS Solutions catches the calls you would have otherwise missed.

Getting the Rental

Ring ring—it’s a new customer for your storage facility on the line. Potential tenants may hang up if they don’t reach a live person on their first attempt and just call the next facility down the street. XPS Solutions catches the call and helps you get the rental.

Extending the Stay

Your existing tenants expect excellent customer service in exchange for their loyalty. XPS Solutions keeps your current tenants happy by providing service on their first call—and happy tenants stay longer.


XPS Solutions exists to provide human resources that help you grow your business and compete with the REIT’s. They take the most valuable contact tools—phone, website live chat and emails—and make those features available to all Storelocal co-op members. This provides you with a competitive advantage over other operators. Catching the calls results in more rentals and happier tenants who stay longer.


Learn how XPS Solutions can help your self storage business.

  • Count the average number of calls that you miss per day
  • Ask tenants if better communication would incentivize them to renew
  • Estimate the amount of time that you would save with a dedicated call center at your fingertips

Contact Michael Roberts , Executive Vice President, Business Development & Operations 865-4312

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