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Sustainable Turnkey Solutions

Lighting that’s cost effective and energy efficient


Helping Your Storage Facility Go Green

Savvy customers do business with companies that value sustainability. Your storage facility can make energy efficiency a part of your operation by partnering with Sustainable Turnkey Solutions. This will not only benefit the environment, but it’ll attract tenants who want to rent at an energy efficient storage facility.

Lighting Retrofits

Sustainable Turnkey Solutions has overseen lighting retrofits on over 100 million square feet of property in industries ranging from healthcare to retail. Regardless of the size of your storage facility or the number of individual facilities that you operate, Sustainable Turnkey Solutions’ combined 40 years of experience with lighting retrofits can lead to an ROI and a greener storage facility.

Solutions That Work For Your Needs

Because Sustainable Turnkey Solutions has maximized energy efficiency for major corporations and small businesses alike, they understand that each operation is different. When you work with Sustainable Turnkey Solutions, you can expect them to analyze your storage facility to develop a personalized plan for your needs. They’ll source competitively priced materials to get the job done and handle any required recycling.

Learn more about how Storelocal can help make your facility more energy efficient.

  • Drastically lower energy costs
  • Industry’s best warranty
  • Cutting edge technology

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