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Polo International

A simple, cost-effective cool roof alternative to the traditional re-roof process



Affordable re-roofing with long-term results

Polo International offers a re-roof solution that is typically half the cost of a traditional re-roof project. This is possible thanks to a silicone membrane coating, which is used instead of the antiquated, inefficient, and extremely costly traditional re-roof process. Polo International installs a liquid-applied, silicone membrane that simply goes over the existing roof at your storage facility. This installation process is fast—there’s no slow re-roof tear off involved—but the results are long-lasting. The tremendously durable silicone (which has Miami-Dade Product approvals, is FM Approved and is UL rated) is also backed with long term warranties.

No disruption to tenants

Your tenants don’t want to be disrupted by long-term construction, nor do they want their stored items exposed to the elements due to a roof tear-off. Polo International’s technique keeps your customers happy by increasing the quality of your facility without disturbing them in the process. Self storage tenants will also benefit by knowing that they’re storing at a facility with modern, weatherproof roofs that keep their items safe and dry.

Reduced energy costs

This cool roof process uses bright white silicone that not only looks great, but also boasts an 87 percent reflectivity rating from the Cool Roof Rating Council. This keeps harmful UV rays and heat on the outside of your building, thus dramatically reducing your energy bills. As a result of the reduced install costs and tremendous energy savings, Polo International roof coatings practically pay for themselves! This long-term roofing solution will save you money by reducing your energy costs on climate-controlled storage and offering you affordable re-roofing on your non climate-controlled areas. The result? Increased NOI.


Founded in 1984, Polo International, Inc is an international roofing and industrial coating contractor specializing in low-cost, energy efficient, environmentally safe, extremely durable roofing solutions. This trusted company is backed by expertise in the application of liquid applied, industrial grade, high-solid silicone coatings that have been formulated and approved to go over nearly any existing roofing system and effectively create a new roof at less than half the cost of a new roof, coupled with tremendous energy savings. Polo International has installed over 50 million square-feet of silicone since 2001, including properties in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean belonging to Fortune 500 companies, institutional investors/owners and government facilities. Dozens of references are available upon request.


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