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Storage Treasures

Making self storage auctions simpler


Streamlined and Efficient Auction Procedures

Storage auctions are complicated and stressful. Using online storage auctions allows self-storage operators to take a step back from the typical auction procedures and allow technology to guide the process. Storage Treasures is the preeminent and most sophisticated auction platform available making them the perfect solution to your auction needs.

Comprehensive Auction and Operations Data

Live storage auctions provide little-to-no data about self-storage auctions. Operators have been left to gather their results based on the amount of money collected at a sale, but there were little to no other fields of data to be studied. Storage Treasures has expanded and broadened their data collection procedures to encompass many areas of self-storage auctions and even other parts of operations. The data they provide can truly help you operate your business in the best way possible.

Debt Collection Assistance

Storage Treasures not only gives a storage operator a simple and effective way to dispose of lien units, but they are also a partner in getting your tenant to pay you before they ever reach the auction process. Their visibility as the world’s largest storage auction marketplace will help you help your tenants resolve their debt.


Storage Treasures wants you to have an auction platform that meets your needs rather than expecting you to conform to their systems. Their team has built the most advanced online auction platform for the self-storage industry based on many years of experience, and they will provide you with the largest audience for your self-storage auctions needs.


Curious about Storage Treasures?

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