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Self-Storage Legal Network

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Legal Expertise For All Things Self-Storage

Whether you’re drafting a rental agreement or navigating the often confusing lien process, the Self-Storage Legal Network can tell you exactly which steps to take. Attorneys Carlos Kaslow and Scott Zucker are able to guide self-storage operators with legal advice because they literally wrote the book—or rather, books—on the subject. Zucker wrote “Legal Topics in Self-Storage” and Kaslow authored the Self-Storage Association’s “Rental Agreement Handbook.”

Legal Assistance On Demand

Dealing with a tricky legal situation at your storage facility and looking for advice you can trust? You don’t have to drop everything and drive to a law office; just reach out to the Self-Storage Legal Network hotline. This service gives you access to real legal advice on common and uncommon self storage industry topics.

Backed by the Self-Storage Association

The Self-Storage Legal Network is backed by the Self Storage Association, a leading organization responsible for gathering industry data, advocating for self-storage operators and providing education to business owners. The Self-Storage Legal Network and the Self-Storage Association have played an important role in more than 60 laws related to self-storage. They’ve advocated for more than 49,000 storage facilities, and they are ready and willing to advocate for yours.


The Self-Storage Legal Network was designed to assist Self-Storage Association members with all legal matters pertaining to the growing self-storage industry. Together, attorneys Kaslow and Zucker have more than 50 years of experience with self-storage law. Storelocal co-op members will benefit from the wealth of knowledge that this team offers.


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