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Sunnect Solar

Self storage powered by the sun


Save on Bills

Sunnect Solar helps businesses save money on energy bills by installing the best commercial solar power systems. Energy costs are one of the biggest expenses for a business. Investing in a solar power system today will save you money in the future.

With You Every Step of the Way

Sunnect Solar doesn’t expect you to be an expert on solar energy. Focus on day-to-day operations at your storage facility and let Sunnect Solar guide you through all project steps. From system design to city permits to post-installation service and monitoring, a dedicated team of experts will be with you throughout the process.

Go Green

The modern consumer values businesses that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. Solar energy isn’t just a way to save money on your energy bill; it’s a way to attract self storage customers who are interested in supporting companies that go green.


The energy efficiency experts at Sunnect Solar believe in streamlining energy bills, delivering communicative customer service and utilizing top-tier, warranty-backed equipment to deliver end-to-end solar energy solutions. From paperwork to installation to system performance monitoring, Sunnect Solar offers quality engineering, smart design and project management tools that deliver. The end result is a greener facility and more money in your pocket as a result of energy bill savings.


Interested in Sunnect Solar?


  • Take a look at your current energy bill
  • Ask yourself how much you’d like to be saving
  • Consider the difference that clean energy would make in your community


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