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Paychex PEO

Your new human resources department


Human Resources Simplified

Complex human resources can slow business operations and delay growth for any small to medium sized company. Increasingly, businesses are opting to join forces with Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). This is a unique co-employment relationship where the PEO handles benefits, payroll processing, tax remittance, risk management, and other essential human resource functions, while the business owner retains responsibility over daily operations.

Access to Benefits

Paychex PEO offers Storelocal members access to the most competitive benefits rates. This includes group medical plans and ancillary benefits such as dental, vision, life, STD, LTD, retirement plans and more.

Freedom to Focus on Your Business

Partnering with Paychex gives you peace of mind that allows you to focus on your self-storage business. This 50 year old debt-free company has earned its strong reputation by giving industry professionals like you the freedom to focus on your business.


Paychex PEO is the best solution for a business looking to improve employee performance and provide the most efficient benefits and human resources. If you’re looking to provide Fortune 500 benefits and improve company performance, you should strongly consider Paychex. In addition to the discounting available to Storelocal members, Paychex rolls 10% of all signed group monthly administration fees right back into the co-op.


Contact Tashka Alvey, Storelocal Partner Paychex Representative | (303) 330-8717

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