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Expertise on the complex world of SEM


Level the playing field

One Google search for “self-storage” yields hundreds of millions of results in a fraction of a second. Even if you narrow it down to a search for self-storage in your area, the results are still overwhelming. A 2014 study on SERP position showed a marked decline in click-through rates on pages two and beyond of search listings. SEM can help your self-storage business rank higher and gain more clicks.

Understand paid search ads

Whether your SEM budget is massive or miniscule, it matters how you spend those funds. You want to see higher search rankings and more online bookings as a result of your investment. We partner with experts who speak the language of SEM so that your search ads generate revenue.

SEO and SEM in tandem

Are you focusing all of your efforts on SEO when you should be developing a more effective SEM strategy? SEO and SEM are related, but considering them as a single entity is a disservice to your digital strategy. Plain and simple: SEM is all about paid searches that raise your rank on SERPs. Our digital marketing efforts consider both SEO and SEM as important but separate pieces to the puzzle.


SEM is the pay-to-play aspect of digital marketing that can bring more eyes to your storage facility’s website and more dollars to your annual revenue stream as a result of increased online bookings. Our SEM strategies take the complex world of paid search and make it easy for you to rise in the rankings.

Interested in learning more about SEM?

  • Perform an online search for your self-storage business and see where you rank
  • Assess current SEM campaigns including keyword research
  • Consider the key component of your market that you’re not reaching

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