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Digital Signage

Upscale signage that does more than look good

Corporate quality, local content

The modern storage facility is a brightly lit, welcoming place with attractive branding. Our digital signage is consistent in style with the look of your website, so customers will know that they’re in the right place. Digital signage content is controlled by a content manage system that can be updated from a corporate or local level, so that your messaging is always professional and timely.

More online reviews 

Want to generate more online reviews? Digital signage can feature a call-to-action that encourages customers to rate your storage facility online. It can also display those reviews, which will not only make your business seem more honest but it will build a culture of accountability among your self storage management team.

The end of office clutter

A self storage office that’s overtaken by brochures and paperwork is not a good place to do business. For employees, all of that paperwork creates disorganization and limits desk space. For prospective customers, it gives off a negative first impression—and in a competitive self storage market, first impressions are everything. Digital signage allows you to deliver that same information without the excess brochures and signs.  

Digital signage delivers consistent imagery that creates brand awareness while making new customers and existing tenants feel welcome. It allows you to customize your content. Whether your goal is to advertise specials, increase upsells, encourage reviews or all of the above, digital signage can get your message across. 

Interested in boosting your storage facility’s message through digital signage?

  • Decide which information you’d most like to deliver
  • Take stock of brochure, flyer and other paper clutter around your office
  • Think of how you’d like to better tie your branding to the local community


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