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Tenant Interface

A manager assistant in digital form

Tenant Interface

Removes the desk barrier  


The tenant interface isn’t an unmanned kiosk; it’s a collaborative interface that puts the manager and the customer shoulder-to-shoulder. Managers can answer questions and deliver great customer service. New tenants can easily sign documents and gain access to the facility. As an added bonus, the experience is completely paperless.


A better workflow


In order to increase profitability and deliver a better tenant experience, managers need to ensure that every new customer receives the same information and offers including upsells. The tenant interface creates a workflow that does exactly that. No matter how busy the day is, every new customer receives a digital walk-through of storage unit inventory, available amenities, upsell options and information on insurance. 


Consistent branding


A successful business can be identified online and in person. The tenant interface uses the same branding—including color scheme, font and more—that customers see on your website, mobile site, social media and signage. This increases brand awareness and makes new customers feel like they’re already familiar with your storage facility.  


From a consumer standpoint, the tenant interface is an intuitive device that makes the rental process as easy as it was always meant to be. For self storage operators, it creates an efficient, modern, paperless facility that always delivers consistent offers from customer to customer. 


Curious about the tenant interface?

  • Ask yourself what your cluttered office would look like with less paper
  • Imagine your budget with increased automation
  • Identify demand for technology-focused businesses in your market


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