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Storelocal Releases Updated Report on Application Programming Interface

Storelocal Corporation, the first member-owned co-op for the self storage industry, announces the release of a white paper about Application Programming Interface (API) as it relates to the self storage industry.

Part three of a series on the topic, “APIs in the Storage Industry: the Gate Keepers” offers an authoritative discussion on APIs as the key links to accessing data and how this impacts the independent storage operator’s bottom line.

“Many of the industry’s property management software (PMS) companies hold the power to grant or deny a storage operator API access to their data, which restricts innovation and growth for smaller entities competing against the REITs,” said Lance Watkins, Storelocal’s CEO.

The first and second reports, “APIs in the Storage Industry: an Introduction” and “APIs in the Storage Industry: the REIT Advantage” were released in 2016.

“Three years later, the issues - data ownership, access and utilization - are still the same,” Watkins added. “Recent acquisitions and increasing consolidation of technology have only intensified threats to the industry.”

To access the entire API series, get it here.

About Storelocal

Storelocal is a co-op owned by independent self storage operators working together to sustain a free and open marketplace within the industry. Our partnerships allow for unassisted move-in technology and our brand services increase the profitability of our members. In just over five years we have grown to more than 1,200 facilities, including 12 of the top 50 operators, making Storelocal the 4th largest self-storage owner entity in the U.S. For more information, visit


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