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Storelocal Co-op Helps Self Storage Operators Remain Independent and Profitable Amid Industry Consolidation

May 7, 2019 – (Irvine, CA) – Storelocal Corporation, the first member-owned co-op for the self storage industry, has launched a campaign to declare independence from vendor consolidation and control. Just-released, the Declaration of the United Independent Members of Storelocal represents the co-op’s stand against growing concerns about practices that smaller, independent self storage owners face from industry conglomerates.

This initiative cites the increased challenges among independent self storage operators - who may lack the ability to choose vendors and access technological innovations as a result of ongoing acquisitions and consolidation - and encourages a free and open marketplace.

The Storelocal Declaration of Independence

“When in the course of self storage events, it becomes necessary for these owners to defend themselves against restricted free market practices, and to assume among the powers of the industry, separation from conglomeration. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all Storelocal members are endowed by their co-op with powerful, unassisted move-in technology and granted unrivaled access to the industry’s best pricing, products and services, and in fact declare that all independent self storage operators are endowed with these unalienable rights. We, therefore, the representatives of Storelocal, do, in the name and by authority of the good members, solemnly declare, our right to independence and freedom, that these free and independent co-op members are rallying together to resist the inevitable practices of consolidation - which include the risk of rising vendor pricing, restricted movement of data and infringement of free choice - to seek fairness, uninhibited operations, commerce and balance for the industry.”

Democracy Through Critical Mass

Storelocal seeks to offer independent self storage operators an alternative to rising vendor prices, lack of choice for accessing data as well as access to advanced technology solutions that can enable them to compete fairly in a highly competitive market.

“By simply banding together, self storage operators can gain a voice and have a say in the future of the industry,” said Travis Morrow, Storelocal’s chairman. “Storelocal identifies with the challenges facing independent self storage operators and offers the opportunity to turn their critical mass into something tangible - a collective of smaller operators that together forms a democratic system.”

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About Storelocal

Storelocal is a co-op owned by independent self-storage operators working together to sustain a free and open marketplace within the industry. We develop unassisted move-in technology and offer brand services that increase the profitability of our members. In just over four years we have grown to more than 1,200 facilities, including 12 of the top 50 operators, making Storelocal the 4th largest self-storage owner entity in the U.S. Storelocal is proud to introduce Tenant™ - "Making technology easy and unassisted move-ins a reality." For more information, visit


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