Why Storelocal

We support our members in several key ways:


No matter how much brand awareness you think you have, the reality is probably less. The reach of a national brand like Storelocal is greater than what you could generate on your own. (think Best Western and Ace Hardware).


We have the clout to negotiate vendor discounts and drive down operating costs for our independent operators.


We bring a wealth of industry knowledge to our members via events, podcasts, webcasts, one on one collaboration, white papers, and more. The Storelocal community is here to help.


We all face similar problems, so we facilitate the networks and relationships to help us solve them together and avoid them in the future.


Built by the independent operators for the independent operator, our Tenant™ technology suite gives you all the modern tools for success, from a tenant interface to digital signage.

If you’ve already seen the effects of consolidation in your particular market and are concerned about your ability to compete, but don’t want to get out, let’s talk.